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Swissdis AG june 2018

Monday, 25. June 2018

Swissdis AG and Royal Electronic – Your partners for SMD resistors

Swissdis AG - SMD Resistors

Swissdis AG - SMD Resistors

For Royal Electronic’s 40th anniversary with their famous Royal Ohm brand, we’re sending you the most recent shortform catalogue today.

Swissdis’ focus is on SMD components. In particular, we would like to highlight the new 3W power SP12 series on page 2!



Samples of the E6 series (0Ω, 10Ω-1MΩ) are already available from the Swissdis warehouse. We are happy to offer and order products to cover additional needs of small batches or pre-production parts specifically according to your request, ready for delivery in approx. 8 weeks.

The standard SMD thick film resistors in 0402-, 0603-, 0805- and
1206 casings are available from the Swissdis warehouse!

If you wish, we are happy to present you with a non-binding quote and
send you the corresponding data sheets via email.        

You can find a list of products on our website at
Products / Resistors / Resistors Standard SMD’.


Swissdis AG
Grasweg 7
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Fax +41 62 919 44 01

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